I was born in raised in Warwickshire although my family originated from Church Gresley, just down the road from where I live in Ashby.  I was an all-rounder at school, never really excelling in anything, a trait that continued on to university where I needed a couple of attempts to get through my engineering degree.

I joined the Army as an officer and entered the Royal Engineers where I found that my work ethic was transformed; being responsible for the lives and welfare of 30 other human beings made a huge impact on me.  I also met up with the amazing woman who graciously agreed to marry me two years later.

During my 16 years military service, I deployed operationally to Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as numerous non-operational tours to other countries. These experiences were very influential on me, and it became clear that many of our "focussed interventions" were doomed to flounder as the utility of the use of force is greatly diminished in countries that were not ready or properly supported to allow change.

During the latter stages of my service we adopted three boys, having a fourth naturally shortly after becoming a civilian.  We are hugely proud of all of them, who are each blessed with their own unique characters.

I moved into renewable energy, something for which I had long had an interest having completed an in-service MSc on energy consumption and generation. After a two year stint with one company, I left to set up my own business in Ashby.  This was a nine-year slog, battling against the vagaries of legislation and incentives in an already volatile market.  Eventually the EU referendum result of 2016 meant that our commercial clients stopped making decisions that were not core to their businesses, and our company went under a year later.  It was a very dark time and one that I will not forget.

The combined experience of military leadership and running a business in challenging times led me eventually into the world of management consultancy, which is my current role.