Rebuilding Community

What Have We Become?

I think we can all agree that recently, our society has become much more aggressive, at least in the manner in which we speak to each other.  Stray into the online world of social media and the toxicity grows tenfold.

Now I'm not a social scientist, and I don't have quick fix solutions to this.  But it does appear that we need to spend time and effort putting our communities back together again.  

The Green Party are by nature, a very caring organisation. By encouraging people onto public transport, we'll see more of each other.  By investing in community facilities, we'll play and relax together.

Someone was recounting to me recently how one of our local schools used to be the town's meeting point for evening classes.  People of all ages would go along and learn pottery or poetry, fitness or first aid.  Halfway through the evening, there would be a break and everyone would meet for a drink and a chat.  Sadly it was shut down decades ago and nothing has replaced it.

Imagine that - young and old mixing; recognising each other; not being afraid.

Does that sound like a society you would enjoy?

Public Transport

Like many people I have a car.  
I don't really want one, but if I'm going to get involved in our community, the appalling local transport system simple won't work for me.

We need a modern, integrated system rather than just "more buses".  Elsewhere in our country there have been exciting trials of transport-on-call using mobile apps.  The technology is there, why not use it?

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