Liberating Working Lives

North West Leicestershire has relatively low unemployment and voted the happiest place in Leicestershire to live.

So what's the problem?

Working to live;
living to work?

Many of the jobs created here are in warehousing.  Due to our geographical location and good road network, we're a logical place to build central distribution hubs.

This has, in part, caused and increase in the number of people in work, a a reduction in unemployment figures.

But, with the rise in automation, robots and AI, these jobs will soon become obsolete - possibly within 5-10 years. 

We have to plan for this outcome and decide what our future will look like, and how to prepare for it.

We need to think about phasing in an average four day week, where more leisure time nurtures a thriving industry.  Trials have shown this to be hugely effective, with productivity being substantially increased. 

A four-day week week can be

more effective than five

Universal income?

I must admit, when I first heard about the idea of universal income I laughed out loud. "People will just abuse it and scam the system and sit around all day" I said.

Well the truth is that there are a small percentage of the population who will scam any system. Let's get over ourselves.
The concept isn't without it's problems   - notably how to set income at an appropriate level to survive without it being so easy that you don't want to earn more. 
But the impact is huge - massive savings on benefit fraud and monitoring.  Real choices for carers, those wanting to improve their qualifications (see elsewhere on skills shortage!).

As I looked into the idea, I was so impressed with the thinking, that I joined the Green Party!  

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