The Green New Deal

For those of you, who like me, did not get the best results in their history class at school, to get an understanding of what "The Green New Deal" is, we need to go back to 1930s America...

The new deal

In his 1932 speech towards the end of the Great Depression, Franklin D Roosevelt proposed his "New Deal" with the words:

"Let us now and here highly resolve to resume the country's interrupted march along the path of real progress, of real justice, of real equality for all of our citizens, great and small"

It's hard to overstate just how visionary this project was, both in its concept (shifting the entire economic model of a country), and it's size.
As a comparison, we might look again at the USA and use JFK's moon-shot speech as something that was equally inspiring:

We meet in an hour of change and challenge.  In a decade of hope and fear. In an age of both knowledge and ignorance”

This is our time

If ever such inspiring words were needed, it is now.
Our society and planet faces a crisis almost beyond our understanding; certainly beyond our own individual ability to act. And whilst our own efforts are important, it is Governments who must act swiftly and decisively to remedy the situation.

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