It’s been reported this morning that Labour are changing their strategy with two weeks to go before the election.

Now I’m not adverse to changing tack – we often have to change course to adapt to the circumstances around us – it’s part of everyday life. But in this case, the development demonstrates a fundamental issue with both Labour and Conservative policies….

Papering over a crevasse

Labour’s position on Brexit has been, to say the least, flaky, since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader. This has confused an angered labour voters who want clarity on such a vital subject.

Just like the Tory party was split over Europe, leading to us having a referendum, so now is the Labour party split on what to do about the result. When your core identity is so riven, you’re likely to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to paper over the crevasse, to no effect. Should Labour come to power, their internal strivings that are currently being kept in lock-down, will bubble to the surface and we will likely be no further forward.

The System Is Broken

This leads me to conclude that our two-party system is utterly broken – one damaged and dysfunctional party swapping places with another equally hamstrung body, both desperate to cling to what they perceive “power” to be.

The Green Party take a more adult approach. We believe that more parties should be represented in Westminster, even those with very different ideologies than our own. This would be brought about by proportional representation, and would mean:

  • That parties can hold on to their values and feel more confident they will achieve meaningful representation and influence.
  • The public would vote on the issues most important to them, knowing that their vote is not wasted but included in the final outcome.
  • That Westminster becomes a place where dialogue takes precedence over division. Where consensus trump conflict.

So please consider voting for real change – for the proportional representation that Labour promised in the 1990s and never delivered.

Vote change. Vote Green.