A number of people, both online and in person, have pressed me to stand aside in order that Labour can have a “clear run” at the election. I absolutely will not be doing this for the following reasons:

Labour Cannot Win Here

Labour have been lost this battleground ever since the very sad passing of David Taylor. David was loved by everyone because he was his own person – voting against his own party 7.2% of the time, and spending a huge amount of his time and effort on his constituents.
But with the massive increase in housing – 40% in ten years, has come a changing demographic that is not in line with Labour’s core message and that gap will only widen.

It Is Arrogantly Anti-Democratic

The UK has suffered for too long from a two-party duopoly that causes attritional fighting in the House of Commons and a lack of dialogue with any other party. Put bluntly, both Tory and Labour politicians believe that their party is the only one that can properly run the country. We believe proportional representation leads to cooperation between parties.
When I have been challenged to step down, I have countered with the question – “why doesn’t your candidate step down for me?” – which is met with incredulity borne of the entitled attitude I am talking about.

This is the first time we have campaign in NW Leicestershire and our team are constantly receiving positive messages form people desperate to see change in politics and real action on the climate. I want people to have that choice.

Where Greens Lead, Others Follow

Green Party policy is generated democratically form the grass roots of its membership. This requires long years of careful discussion and evidence-based analysis to create policies that can be robustly defended. Unsurprisingly other parties then adopt these for their own use. We believe more Greens, and indeed more parties, in the mix of Westminster will create the productive dialogue that this country so desperately needs.

It’s A Climate Emergency

Last, but most certainly not least – tackling climate change has to be our lead objective. Labour has a watered-down version of the Green New Deal which has already seen the target slip form 2030 to sometime between 2030 and 2040. When Kennedy launched the moonshot, he didn’t say “we’re going someway towards the moon”. To fix the eyes of the nation on success, we have to be bold, and only the Greens are carrying that message.