The Green Party Manifesto was the first of the national party manifestos to be launched, followed LibDem and Labour. At the time of writing, the Conservatives have not released theirs.

It may surprise you to know that parliamentary candidates do not normally get to see their manifesto before it is launched. The obvious question then, is how can we stand for election when we don’t know what we are standing for?

Green Party policies are developed by the members of the party. Like all other greens, I can put forward a proposal for discussion at conference. This is discussed online where a vote decides which taken forward. At conference, workshops are held to discuss the ideas with the outcomes recorded and presented to main plenary in the form of an executive summary which aids discussion and informs the final vote.

So the content of the manifesto is of no surprise to me. These are not last minute, attention-grabbing headlines. They are diligently thought through, costed concepts that can be robustly defended.

If you have any questions on the manifesto, do please get in touch.