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If you're tired of the chaos around us, read on to find out how you can usher in a new kind of politics to North West Leicestershire.

North West Leicestershire

"Our community in North West Leicestershire has huge potential.
I've seen this in my work with the District Council, in my engagement with community groups and campaign organisations.
Everybody I meet wants to make our constituency a better place. And we've already achieved amazing things. Look at the National Forest - a truly visionary project that has been more about people than politics. Those of us who've planted trees may have felt their input was insignificant, but when you step back and see the effect of so many being involved - it's awesome!
But what if this were only the first step?
What if we became a beacon of the future for the whole of the UK?
What if we nurture friendlier communities, green spaces, better tourism, healthier businesses?
A real jewel in the crown - right in the heart of England.
This is something we can all be part of, contribute to, and benefit from.
A lifestyle full of opportunities, living in harmony with the natural world.
What if we turn North West Leicestershire Green?"

Carl Benfield - District Councillor for Ashby Ward

My Campaign Pledges

Firstly, let me be straight with you - I know the Green Party are unlikely to  win enough seats to form a Government. So why bother? 

Well, in voting for me you are choosing:

  • A candidate who will not be chasing a cabinet seat, but rather someone who wants to serve their constituency.
  • Someone trained in negotiation and who can influence decision making in Westminster, especially as the chances of a coalition Government are high.
  • A flawed human being. So please, let's take the vitriol out of our disagreements.

So here's what I can pledge to you:


There are many things I'd like to achieve at Westminster. But I commit to putting the needs of constituents above that of party politics.


The country desperately needs more houses, but we've seen staggering levels of development in our area, without the associated resources or sufficient environmental standards. We need to work with, and challenge developers more productively, and particularly to bring in regulation to rapidly move to zero carbon housing.


I will push harder to scrap HS2 which is environmentally destructive with very little gain. It is far better to invest in local transport infrastructure rather than focus on routes to London.
I am already active in campaigning for the Ivanhoe Line to be re-opened to public traffic. This needs to be integrated to a far more effective bus and cycle network.  As your MP I would make it a key priority to encourage the use of greatly improved public transport, cycling and walking.

East Midlands Airport

The airport provides employment and important lines of communication to the area. But did you know it has almost no limits on traffic, and seeks to expand from 4m to 10m passengers per year, whilst tripling freight? This would have a huge impact on local congestion, noise and pollution, and I will promote clearer, sustainable parameters for the airport's operation.

A Bit About Me

I moved to Ashby with my family following 16 years’ service in the Royal Engineers, leaving as a Major in 2007. After 11 years working in renewable energy, I am now a business and management consultant specialising in strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises.
With my wife Rebecca we have four sons aged 9 to 23. I am a cub scout leader, and have been active within a number of environmental and local community partnership organisations.

As a practising Christian, my faith is very important to me and I really value our diverse society that respects people of all faiths and none.
When it's not election season, I enjoy “treading the boards” with the fantastic Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group, and pretending to keep fit.

If that isn't already too much information, you might like:

What Others Say

(at home we would call this the "I love me" wall)

" exceptionally able engineer, general manager and leader. It is a rare combination; an individual of strong moral compass and personal courage, who can scope, analyse, deliberate and decide in the same package as one who can lead and motivate teams; influence and corral multiple stakeholders and drive complex programmes through to delivery – Carl Benfield is one such individual.

​Mark Ruddy 

 Programme Director


I have voted Conservative of my life, I am now 53 years old. My father was a Conservative councillor in Solihull for many years. But even a devout Conservative family like mine cannot ignore what is happening to the climate. and the need for urgent drastic action. I wish you all the best with your attempts to influence the lawmakers, and can assure you of my vote on the 12th of December.

Name withheld

Via Email


Carl is able to be both an amicable colleague and a trustworthy team leader worthy of great respect. He is never short of original and thought provoking conversation and hence makes excellent company. 

Brian Goss

Research Engineer

What does it mean to be Green?

The main Green Party website has a raft of information about our policies, but I've drawn out a few themes below that I think are particularly important for North West Leicestershire. 

Note that our policy is set by our members - meaning that our leaders have no more voting power than our newest recruits - and the breadth of these transformative ideas reflects just how lucky we are to have such a dynamic membership.

What is it & why should I get excited?​

Anticipati​ng the changes to come

We are the party of small business

Built for relationship

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